A Helpful Primer On The Minecraft Gameband

What Is The Minecraft Gameband?

Those who enjoy wearable technology and pc games and a spirited game of Minecraft are now in luck. With the Minecraft Gameband, players can enjoy access to a wearable accessory that lets them take their gaming everywhere. To use the Gameband, all the user needs is an open USB port. The Minecraft launcher comes pre-loaded onto the device and the user will also have access to maps that have been provided by some of the most popular players that the game has to offer.

The PixelFurnace app has also been included, so that players are able to make all the necessary customization changes. No installation is required. In most instances, the players simply need to plug the Gameband in and the root folder will open automatically.

How Is The Minecraft Gameband Used?

There are instances where the Gameband root folder does not open automatically. The user may need to access it as if it were a typical USB device. Simply open the folder that is labeled “My Computer” and select “Gameband” from the Drives options. From there, all the user needs to do is click on the Gameband application and they are ready to play!

If the user is utilizing Mac and Windows systems, the Gameband should present itself in an obvious manner. Once the application is running, the Minecraft launcher is already started. There is no need to access the folder on the Gameband device itself. Some users may wish to copy worlds, install resource packs or mods.

How Are Resource Packs and Mods Installed?

Resource packs are usually found for free and can be located anywhere on the Internet. To install, the user will need to open their My Computer folder, open Drives, select Gameband and be sure to click on the Gameband folder. From there, simply click the folder labeled “Resourcepacks” and copy them over.

As for mods, these are the themes designed to enhance the player’s experience. There is a mod client known as Forge and this is the easiest way for players to make the modifications that they need. Head to files.minecraftforge.net, make the necessary downloads, use the installer link, change the directory to Minecraft and the process is complete.